Children at Klein Family Dental?...YES!!!


We LOVE children at Klein Family Dental!  Children are welcome...any age! As long as they can sit through a haircut they are more than ready for the dental chair!  It is vital to getting kids in as early as possible so that the conditioning of positive, wonderful dental visits starts at the earliest age possible.  We start children off by doing regular, 6 month cleanings.  They leave happy, get to know our team, get a balloon, and chalk it all up to fun! We are heavy on the education with parents.  We teach parents healthy oral hygiene routines that need to be developed in the home to keep away the sugar bugs!  We have so many tricks to share.  We also educate parents on nutrition, and what to expect as your child ages and looses teeth, and gets new ones.  We educate parents on sleep habits, and sports safety.   We also educate parents what to do in a dental emergency.  One of the major benefits to being a patient at Klein Family Dental is that Drs. Klein take their own call 100% of the time for their patients.  They are never more than a phone call away, and yes their cell phones get a lot of pictures of childhood dental trauma! With a simple text Drs. Klein will be able to either calm your fears completely or they will plan to meet you at the office.  Dr. Aric and Dr. Amy are parents too, they get it!

What if my child Needs Treatment......EEEEK!

Children actually do extremely well with treatment at Klein Family Dental! It is some what of an inside joke that many times they are much easier to work on than many adults!  Mainly because they have no expectations of pain.  99% of what we do in the dental chair really is pain free.  And if you are not expecting pain, then all is normally smooth sailing.  Now add this to the hope that they have had many positive, wonderful encounters getting their teeth cleaned at our office, and they feel like it is home to them, then you are normally home free!  We also offer "laughing gas" for children and they respond beautifully!

When do we refer out to a pediatric dentist?....very rarely!  We refer out if it is going to be absolutely necessary to sedate a child in order to accomplish their dental needs.  Unfortunately, there are a few that will have this need, but in reality, very few!

Come as a Family!

One of the major goals of Dr. Aric and Dr. Amy is that you feel like their practice is an extension of your own home....that coming to their practice is like stopping by to visit a friend.  They cherish the opportunity to treat and get to know your entire family...from new babies to great grandparents, they are all welcome! We want to become your FAMILY'S dental home!