Our Stance on Dental Amalgam

Our primary Filling Material is Composite Resin

Here at Klein Family Dental we primary fill teeth with composite or "tooth colored" restorations.  We do use dental amalgam in certain, very specific, instances in which dental composite simply will not work.  Patients are always informed and educated!  If you have a lesion to be filled, and the typical composite restoration will not work, this will be discussed with you in detail.  There are actually very few instances in which a tooth can not be filled or restored with the tooth colored composite type material.  We do stand behind the recommendations of the American Dental Association that dental amalgam is a viable restorative material, however, for the majority of instances we find that tooth colored restorations are more advantageous, even aside from the lack of mercury exposure.  One advantage of tooth colored restorations is that they allow for a more conservative prep of the tooth because they are bonded into place...yes that means less tooth structure is removed!  See, metal fillings are held into place by "mechanical retention".  This means that a significant portion of tooth structure is sacrificed and removed to provide an undercut to hold in the metal filling.  So, not only do we save tooth structure in most instances with a tooth colored filling but we also are essentially bonding the tooth back together making the entire functioning unit much stronger.  Other advantages of tooth colored restorations are that they are associated with much less hot and cold sensitivity, and they are more esthetic.  

Do we Advocate the removal of Silver Fillings?

The only time we recommend the removal of amalgam or silver fillings is if the filling itself is compromised and no longer functioning the way it was designed to.  If there is leakage, decay or fractures present that deem the filling needing replacement then we will recommend its replacement.  It is important to note that it has been well documented that during the removal of the amalgam filling the patient is exposed to more mercury via airesols than the patient would likely be exposed to during their lifetime of the filling being left alone.  If patients request silver filling to be removed because they feel as though they are a cosmetic concern then we will be happy to oblige under the premise of cosmetic dentistry.

Want to know what the ADA says about Dental Amalgam?  Look here