Why choose klein family dental?

Great question!  We are so glad you asked!  You should choose Klein Family Dental because you deserve to have a dental home where you feel that you are being well cared for, respected, and made to feel comfortable.  At Klein Family Dental you will get the experience you deserve! You will receive excellent care, utilizing the latest and greatest dental technology.  Notice we said "greatest"! Not all of the latest technology is the greatest. But once a new technology has proven itself worthy of our patients, then it is implemented.  We utilize digital radiology, which allows us to manipulate and examine radiographs like never before.  At Klein Family Dental we value our patients time as much as our own; therefore, we aim to always "be on time"!  We respect our patients individual preferences, and strive to get to know each one of our patients, and their individual needs.  We know you will find us to be of a quality in the field that is rarely found.  For example, we have hand written every word of this website! Not a piece of it was pre-fabricated.  When you leave Klein Family Dental from a dental visit, we want you to leave feeling as though you just left an extension of your own home. 

Our Practice Philosophy

We strongly believe in the whole body connection as health care providers.  The scientific literature is exploding with new evidence demonstrating how important a healthy mouth is to your overall health.  This correlation also goes in the opposite direction, in that systemic disease often contributes to oral manifestations.  We take your health very seriously, and we make it our highest priority to do our part in taking care of you, educating you, and maintaining your good health.  

We also believe that a dental office should be a place that you are extremely comfortable in.  We take great efforts to make our practice feel like an extension of your own home.  We always want you to feel welcomed, and at ease when you come in for your routine dental maintenance appointments.  We aim to get to know you as a person, and serve your needs to the very best of our ability.  We believe that appropriate dental treatment is never the same between two patients, and that the treatment rendered and planned needs to be as individual as each person is.  We will work with you to find the appropriate balance of treatment, depending on your individual needs.  

Our number one concern is your oral health.  We are always available to our patients.  We take our own call 24/7 100% of the time for our patients.  We want to be your oral health resource that is always available to you, whenever you may need it!  If you have a child that loses a tooth during a late night baseball game, we do not want you searching the web to determine if you should put the tooth into water or milk, we want you to call us!  Immediately!

Small Town Dental Office in the Middle of The BIG City!

Drs. Aric and Amy were both raised in small, American towns!  (Dr. Aric from Spirit Lake, Iowa a small town in northern Iowa; and Dr. Amy from Plainview, Texas a small town in the panhandle of Texas).   They carry their small town values and business model ideas that they grew up with right into their Houston practice.  Patients of Klein Family Dental have grown accustomed to this small town practice feel.  The feeling of having your time respected, getting to know your dental team like they are family, and  business done over a handshake. 

Yes, we really do take our own call!

I know this sounds crazy...but we personally believe that it is the obligation of a doctor to take call for his/her patients.  When you are a patient at Klein Family Dental you can expect to have our personal phone numbers.  We want to be the source for your after hours concerns...its our job...and its your reward for being part of the Klein Family Dental family!