Invisalign Services

What is invisalign?

Invisalign is a procedure that allows us to move teeth orthodontically utilizing a clear aligner system.  The procedure begins with a free consultation to see if you are a candidate!  Dr. Amy would love the chance to meet with you, evaluate your current tooth position, and discuss your goals.  If you end up not being a candidate for Invisalign for any reason at all, Dr. Amy can begin the process of pulling together a dental team that will work with her to accomplish your goals.  Orthodontics is a very rewarding procedure for patients as they begin to reveal the smile they have always wanted!

Taking Records

Invisalign begins with a whole lot of record taking.  Notes, impressions, radiographs, and pictures, oh my!  All of your records get shipped away to the Invisalign lab and worked up into a very advanced dental software.  Using this software, the lab technicians, and Dr. Amy will be able to fabricate an aligner system that will accomplish your goals.

What are aligners?

After the lab communication and aligner fabrication has been done your case will be shipped back to us and it is time to begin! At your first appointment, we will be doing all the prep work to get your started.  This sometimes include the addition of small composite buttons onto your teeth (no worries these are smoothed off later!), and some small reduction of enamel between the teeth may be done as well.  After the minor preparations we try in your first set of clear aligners! 

Rules of Invisalign

1.  You must wear your aligners! ALOT! Like 23 hours a day! All the time except when you are eating.

2.  You will be wearing one set of aligners typically for two weeks, then you will change out your aligner.

The beauty in Invisalign is that no one can really tell you are in orthodontics, however the disadvantage is that the responsibility falls on you to be complaint.


Will I have to wear a retainer afterwards?  YESSSSSS! You do have to wear a night.....forever! IT is the must have retention.  Teeth will always relapse if given the opportunity.  There are several different types of retainers that we will discuss with you, but the typical retainer looks exactly like a clear aligner but it is worn at night while you sleep.  Retainers do take maintenance and do not last forever.  You will have to replace your retainer every few years so please make sure to include this cost into your decision making.