Dental Sealants

Klein Kids Jump for Joy for Sealants!!!

Klein Kids Jump for Joy for Sealants!!!

Klein Family Dental loves dental sealants for our children!  We firmly believe that these wondrous things save teeth!!! We will generally recommend them for all adult molars popping up in the kiddos.  Children will normally get a set of molars around the age of six and a second set around the age of twelve. 

What are they?

Dental sealants are a painless procedure in which we fill in the deep grooves on the top of molar teeth with a very fluid filling material.  There is not any need for anesthetic for this procedure and children tolerate it extremely well!  The entire procedure takes mere minutes and the sealant will protect the tooth for many years. 

Why do we do them?

Dental research has shown that dental sealant protect teeth!  Children are just now learning their oral hygiene habits and yet they are being entrusted with the care of some of the most important permanent teeth in their mouth at a very early age!  Dental sealants let us give them a little head start.  Many people genetically have very deep grooves in their teeth that are sometimes even smaller than the bristle of a toothbrush.  However, these grooves are big enough for bacteria, and this will ultimately lead to a problem.  By sealing these grooves we eliminate this potential hiding place for bacteria, and we also make these teeth much easier to clean.