what are Restorations?

One of the cornerstones of dental treatment is fillings or restorations.  Restorations are indicated to fix many different tooth ailments.  They can be used to treat cavities or decay, used to treat broken or fractured teeth,  they can even be used to treat cosmetic concerns, and some tooth sensitivity.  Restorations are basically when an artificial material is used to replace missing tooth structure.

This is an example of a composite restoration of a back tooth!  See how pretty!!

This is an example of a composite restoration of a back tooth!  See how pretty!!

The Importance of Dental Materials

In our practice, restorations are typically done with the tooth-colored filling material called composite.  We on rare occasions use other types of restorations such as amalgam or glass-ionomer, if there are specific situations in which these other materials are justified.  Drs. Klein do an immense amount of research and continuing education in order to stay at the cutting edge of the science on dental materials.  We know that  science grows and materials improve over time; and we are diligent about making sure we are offering our patients the absolute best that science has to offer once a new material has been proven to be an improvement.  We take a tremendous amount of pride and consider it a major responsibility to be using the top quality restorative materials that have a proven track of superiority.  We consider the practice of using top restorative materials to be a key component of excellent dentistry!  Using sub-standard dental materials is one of the easiest ways to cut corners in dentistry and you can rest assured that at Klein Family Dental you are receiving treatment with the highest quality materials available.