Whitening Options

Zoom Whitening

Klein Family Dental offers Zoom whitening.  Zoom whitening is one of many options for lightening the shade of your teeth.  The main advantage of Zoom whitening is instant gratification.  Many patients may be in a hurry to whiten for a special occasion, so the in-office, one hour whitening is their only option... to get the result they desire in their available time frame.  Some patients may feel that they need the instant gratification of the in-office whitening system, because they know themselves well enough to know that they will not be able to comply with a two-week or more whitening regimen.  For these patients the in-office, one-hour whitening is a very efficient procedure that then lets them move forward with maintenance only.  In our opinion, the Zoom system is wonderful for these cases, however it is also the most expensive whitening option.  Also, keep in mind that in our experience, the results that are available to a patient with Zoom are also available with other more cost efficient systems, given that the patient will comply with the process and has the available time to do so.

Tray Whitening

Tray whitening is a procedure in which professional custom made trays are designed for your mouth.  These trays are then loaded with professional strength bleach and worn at home.  A typical prescription would be to wear these for seven to ten days for at least 3-4 hours,  (This depends on the strength of bleach that is prescribed for your best outcome.)  Trays will also be used for whitening maintenance.  All whitening procedures require maintenance and the best option for this is to use the trays.  You will be able to use the trays as needed at home to stay your desired shade.  Most people bleach a few days every 6-8 months to maintain an optimum shade. 

Over-The- Counter Products

If you decide not to invest in a professional whitening system, then you may choose to experiment with some of the over-the-counter products that are available.  In our experience, the best one on the market currently is probably the Crest Whitestrips. 

Whitening Toothpastes

We normally do not encourage the use of whitening type toothpastes.  Most of these products are not effective at truly effective at whitening peoples teeth and can actually cause sensitivity and wear.